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PROMAT Spółka z o.o. is a foreign trade company and sales various coir products, which are used in gardening, terraristic, road construction, landscape architecture. The Company was established in 1990 in Warsaw and from its beginning it has supplied brush producers - www.promat.net.pl.

The strategy of our company consists in international co-operation network based on establishment, maintenance and development of business relationships. This strategy allows our company to develop in new markets. We have been importing and selling coco peat products for gardening and terrariums since 2002.

The completed investment in new business and storage buildings near Warsaw was a turning point in the activity of our company. New registered office, localization and bigger storage area have significantly improved logistic operations. Due to hard work and creative ideas of our team, we can systematically develop our business activity, expand range of products and ready market and adjust our offer to the customers' needs. In order to promote our company and products, be up-to-date and establish new contacts, we take part in many trade fairs in Poland and abroad.

We offer high-quality coir products for garden cultivation and production which can also be used as bedding for animals kept in terrarium, as well as for many other animals. Coco peat is made from coconut pith, what makes them natural and biologically clean. They create favourable environment for plant vegetation and animal life. The structure of coir and coco shavings is spongy, which provides very good water absorption, air access and solid structure. We specialize in supply of many companies and institutions from different sectors from gardening as well as zoology. We offer nearly 50 types of coco products in different fractions and packages.